Friday, January 29, 2010

Is the Beginning Always This Frustrating

I'm not sure why I'm starting this blog or if anyone will look at it other than myself, but I guess there is no reason not to. I plan to keep this as an update, a journal, and a resource for the adoption process that I'm going through.
Its now been about month, maybe even longer, since Will and I decided to adopted and I'm already frustrated with the process. It seems like we've gotten absolutely nowhere and doesn't seem like progress is going to speed up anytime soon. Our first step was to talk to Kacie Brooks, a childhood friend of mine, who works with Children's Connection. She had the adoption counselor, Jeriva contact us and after a long game of phone tag, we finally touched base and were given names of possible agencies that we should look at. After considering the list of about 8 different agencies, we decided that Abby's One True Gift would be a wonderful choice for us. We swung into full gear...The first thing they wanted us to do was to have a homestudy completed. Will and I started thinking of fundraisers and getting those together while also looking into getting a homestudy done by Children's Connection. Then we hit a big, huge brick wall...After a bit of digging, I found out that Abby's One True Gift isn't as amazing as they first appeared.
Everything was completely put on hold and Will and I decided to look into a foster-to -adopt program. After researching that option, we've now decided it just might not be the best for us. We really don't know if we would be able to relinquish a child that we have been raising as our own to their rightful family if that were to ever comeup.
Now we're completely back at square one....Researching adoption agencies and trying to think of how we can possibly come up with the $30,000 that it will take to complete our 'forever family'.
The main agency we're looking at right now is the Lutheran Social Services. After reading about all the horrors that the prospective parents went through with Abby's One True Gift, I'm still a bit timid about agencies that are not some type of 'social service'.
Now, back to more research and hopefully my next post will be a little more positive. =)

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  1. You are doing a good joy researching...don't forget prayer and guidance from God...that will help so much. I will be praying, too. After we talked yesterday, I started feeling that foster-to-adopt wasn't the right route either. (Same reason you said....getting that beautiful baby/child and then having to give it up to someone else would be exrutiatingly tough with all you have already been through. Stay tough - it will happen. Love ya, sis!